What We're Cooking...

We cook meals the way we like to eat them: fresh seasonal ingredients, balanced, nourishing and full of flavor. We have found passion in cooking, developing recipes, sharing our food journey with friends and strangers and now, would like to bring our meals to your home. 

All options are personalized and made to work for you and your life. That means all fees are subject to your requests, menus, number of guests. Our rates are fair and competitive. Please contact us to start the conversation!


Private Dinner Parties

Everyone loves a good dinner party but if you want to have all the fun and none of the work, Farm & Coast Cookery is your helping hand. We work together to craft a seasonally appropriate menu of 3-4 courses for you and your guests. We do the groceries, prepare the meal in your kitchen, set your table, serve your guests and clean up afterwards. 


Meal Prep

This is often referred to as "Personal Chef" services. We  consult to create a weeks worth of meals that fit your needs. We cater to dietary restrictions, and number of meals. We handle the groceries, prepare all meals in your kitchen, provide necessary tools and clean up after our prep day, leaving you only with the meals in your fridge. This service is great for busy families, a gift for new parents or a helpful boost for someone in need.


Weekend Brunches

Brunch is one of the best things about the weekend. We offer brunch services Saturday and Sunday. This includes curating a menu to your liking, groceries, preparing the meal in your kitchen, setting your table (with your plates or ours), serving your meal and leaving everything spotless.